" I LOVE that my clients have taught me to see without looking "

" I LOVE that my clients have taught me to see without looking "

Relationships with my clients and having connections with people is something I value greatly. When I am no longer "the photographer", but Jenelle, is when I am truly able to shine. And so, in order for you to receive the best of me and my artistry, I have changed my approach to weddings (a bit).

I am now offering:


I would like to be there when you're greeting your guests at the dock or your front door. I want to give your dear Aunt Sue a hug and get to know the key people of your wedding day. I would like to capture the pure joy of seeing beloved family members and friends for the first time in what seems to be ages. I don't want to miss the tears streaming down your best friend's face, laughing so hard at Uncle Walt's speech at your rehearsal dinner.

I want to be there in the in-between times - not just the made-up, day-of times.

So, reach out today and let's connect our stories. 


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